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Welcoming all prodigals Jesus told a story to the disciples, and the Pharisees who were there, about two sons. One asked his father for his inheritance and then squandered it, returning empty handed, hoping only to gain a servant’s position in his father’s house. The father was waiting every day for his son to return,…

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Dean laughs when he talks about his somewhat disjointed upbringing. “I joke about it,” he said. “My mom used to take me to church, but then I was partially raised by a motorcycle club too. I don’t want to talk badly about it though, I still love motorcycles, and I ride with my grandkids now.…

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Joseph grew up in Victorville in a turbulent and violent household. “It was the 60s,” he said. “Child abuse was not heard of. It wasn’t recognized. Neighbors, schools, principals, they didn’t care. “From kindergarten on up, I’d come in with black eyes, fat lips, bruises, and they turned their backs on me. When I was…

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John was a talented athlete at his Apple Valley High School, but sports took a backseat after he had a child his senior year. He got two jobs right away, holding an internship at Edison and a part-time gig at Taco Bell. After graduation, he got a job working full time as a cable lineman.…

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2020 Lives changed for good: Tony

Drugs took hold of Tony early. In middle school, he was already using and felt out of control. He asked for help from a teacher and entered a rehabilitation facility in Orange County. “I couldn’t control myself anymore,” Tony said. “I couldn’t handle it. I was 12 or 13 years old.” Tony finished high school…

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2020 Lives changed for good: Joe

When Joe felt like he had nowhere to turn, he reached out to his younger brother, Bert. Bert was getting help with his addiction, and had a place to stay. He encouraged Joe to join him, and that’s how he ended up at the Victor Valley Rescue Mission. “I told my brother I needed to…

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Charles credits success to his focus, the company he keeps

It took a lot for Charles to finally want change in his life. He was nearly 55 years old. He’d used methamphetamine for 40 years. He had broken his ankle, and after a quick surgery in an emergency room, wound up with MRSA, a bacteria that causes serious infections. “I could have died,” Charles said.…

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Bill’s Boots on the Ground

Hi friends, We have been very busy at the Mission working through all of the changes resulting from COVID—thank you for your prayers and support. The operations are full steam ahead again with some minor modifications and the individuals and families in need in our communities are receiving the help they need. Of course this…

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Graduate reflects on realizing God’s powerful love

Carlos grew up in Guatemala, and came to the United States when he was 20 years old. He got right to work, mostly in construction, got married, and had a son. But the marriage didn’t last. “I was drinking too much and my ex-wife wanted me to stop,” Carlos said. “I never did. She got…

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Mike: ‘When I was 56, I found the Lord and the Lord found me’

After struggling with alcohol for most of his life, and eventually finding himself homeless, Mike is the first to admit how blessed he is. Now the outreach coordinator at the Mission, after completing the Life Recovery Program several years ago, he spends his time connecting with those who were once in his shoes. “I’m so…

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Jeremy: God showed me ‘he was bigger than all of it’

Jeremy grew up in a small town in New Hampshire to loving parents. “My home life was great,” he said. My parents are amazing, loving, caring. I have an older brother and we got a long very well and did a lot together. At the time I lived there, there were only I think 1,200…

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Annual backpack giveaway draws hundreds of families to SBC Fairgrounds in Victorville

By Rene Ray De La Cruz Staff Writer, VV Daily Press Sitting in the backseat of her parent’s Jeep, 7-year-old Emma Stevens watched curiously as masked volunteers handed out backpacks in SBC Fair parking lot. The annual back-to-school event on Thursday in Victorville was hosted by the Victor Valley Rescue Mission and Impact Christian Church,…

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