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Peace is restored to a family after two brothers’ healing

George and Sonny grew up in a large and loving home in Northridge, California. They were two of five children to parents that cared for them and made family a priority. They shared weekly family dinners together and enjoyed playing soccer with their older brother Juan Carlos. As children, they saw the effects of alcohol…

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Brothers reflect on the change the mission had on their lives

Brothers Rick and Bob Robart have seen God strengthen their relationships as brothers and restore their relationship with their family. Rick and Bob grew up in Hacienda Heights, and at the ages of 13 and 8, respectfully, their mother moved out, leaving them to be raised by their father. Bob recalls a year after their…

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Monique revels in god’s faithfulness as she exits shelter

Monique was born in Germany, the daughter of an Airman. She and her family moved multiple times all over the world until they settled in San Antonio, Texas where she would attend grade school and graduate high school. Monique looks back on her childhood with wonderful memories. “I had a great childhood,” she said. “My…

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Bill’s Boots on the Ground

What would our world look like if God did not keep His promises? I think this world would be so different. God’s covenant promise is to bring us life everlasting and to have that with him, just like the thief on the cross. Luke 23:42-43 says, “‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom!’…

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Sean ‘puts the ways of childhood’ behind him as he reenters mission program

Sean was surrounded by alcohol from a young age, growing up with both sides of his family indulging in heavy drinking, particularly his dad. At 10, Sean started drinking himself. Even though his parents divorced, he saw his dad every weekend, where he was also regularly exposed to his drinking. “I thought to myself, ‘This…

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New program supervisor: ‘There is always a purpose for our trials’

Five months ago, the Victor Valley Rescue Mission opened its first-ever emergency shelter for women. In a comprehensive hiring search for the person to run the shelter, one woman stood out above the rest. Amalia is such a vital member of the team, and she has already been an incredible guiding light to the women…

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Marc revels in the restoration happening in his life.

Marc was born in San Bernardino and moved with his parents to Hesperia when he was 4. “I was the only child until I turned 11 years old and was blessed with a little brother,” Marc said. “I started smoking weed and drinking alcohol at 12 at a friend’s house with his older brother. But…

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John wants to ‘let others know there is hope’

Now in his 60s, John is finally getting help for an addiction that he’s struggled with all of his life. After three marriages-all ending due to his drinking-and a recent stint in jail, he feels strong in his sobriety and commitment to God. “I don’t regret anything,” he said. “It helped me to get to…

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Bill Boots on the Ground

The way God shows His love for those who are so broken and lost is truly amazing! When you work in homeless services for any length of time, you get to see God show up and meet the needs of His people. I have had that wonderful experience for the last 14 years and let…

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Welcoming a new year at the Mission

How can it be the New Year already? Looking back at 2021, if I had to sum up how I feel about 2021, I’d say it simply: “Our God is awesome.” We got front row seats to watch God accomplish so many things, including seeing three clients graduate our men’s Life Recovery Program and four…

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Great Christmas celebrations are coming!

On Thursday, Dec. 16, the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds will be full of Christmas joy. The annual Great Christmas Toy Drive-thru Giveaway will be underway. Like 2020, it will be a drive-thru event. This year we will have Santa and his elves do an interactive Tweet with the Children. Our favorite band, Tuba Force, will…

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George is praying for restoration with his children after hitting rock bottom

A few years after high school when he was working for his dad at his machine shop, George developed an addiction to cocaine. He battled it from 1998 to 2002. “During that period, nobody knew except my dad,” he said. “I quit cold turkey with his help and I kept myself clean-no alcohol, no tobacco,…

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