Recovery Program

The Rescue Mission Alliance Victor Valley offers an extensive Life Recovery Program. It is a free, nine-month, residential Christian-based, smoke-free recovery program that provides Biblically-based structure and applied discipline for living an overcoming life. Our program provides individual counseling and case management as well as daily classes that include: Christian 12 Steps, Anger Management, and classes dealing with Biblical and Spiritual issues.

In addition to the educational classes that the Program provides, we also make available to our residents a variety of vocational paths and skill development through our Thrift Store and Mission. We offer our clients the benefits of on the job training in Front Office, Computer Development, Public Relations, Customer Service, Merchandise Processing, Pricing, Stocking, Delivery and Pick Up, Kitchen, Cooking Skills, Maintenance, and Filing.

For those interested in enrolling in the Life Recovery Program, we require an in-person interview of all prospective program clients. The interviews are conducted by appointment only. To make an appointment, the person requesting the interview must be the one to contact the mission at (760) 952-3918. It is recommended, if possible, that you bring the following: social security card, driver’s license or ID card, and a current T.B. test card.

Men reading bible

The Rescue Mission invites men who are homeless and suffering from addiction problems the opportunity to learn about a Biblical solution to their needs and about having a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

All Mission goods and services are provided to each recovering client at no cost and are made available solely through the generous support of our donors which include: individuals, businesses, churches, and foundation grants.

A typical weekday in the life of someone that is in the program may look like this:

5:30 AMWake Up
6 AMBreakfast
7 - 8 AMMorning Devotion class with all clients
8 AM - 5 PMDaily work therapy assignments at Thrift Store, Mission and LRP Facilities
6 PMDinner with all Clients
EveningDaily homework assignments, free time until lights out

Weekends have a little more of a relaxed atmosphere. On Saturday, some participate in work therapy at the Thrift Store and some have day or overnight passes. Sunday’s schedule consists of Church and free time.

Passes and Visitations

One of the main questions that we are asked concerning the Life Recovery Program is whether or not passes and visitations are allowed. The nine-month program is divided into five phases. Each phase, having a little more liberty than the phase before, allows for outside contact as the individual progresses in his recovery. The amount of contact generally goes as follows:

PHASE I – Evaluation
(0-30 Days)
No passes except in an emergency
PHASE II – Restoration
(31-90 Days)
Day pass 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday and Sundays only No overnight passes except in an emergency
PHASE III – Prevention
(91Days – 6 Months)
Overnight passes authorized
From Saturday 8:00 AM – Sunday 5:00 PM To visit immediate family only
PHASE IV – Matriculation
(6 –9 Months)
Family visits as requested and approved by Program
Manager or Director
PHASE V – Transition
(9 Months +)
Family visits as approved by Program Manager or Director

If you would like additional information about the Rescue Mission Alliance Victor Valley’s Recovery Program, please call (760) 952-3918.