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Summer brings heat, sun, and a surge in people who need help.


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We are here for you. Select the service you need and we will provide compassionate and effective care to the best of our ability.

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Donate, volunteer, spread the word, involve your school or church. Find out all the different ways you can be a part of the solution.

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Every purchase made from a Rescue Mission Alliance Victor Valley Super Thrift Store helps improve the lives of those in your community.

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Every day as the sun rises and sets over the valley, the Rescue Mission Alliance Victor Valley is changing lives for good.

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Nights of Shelter

Last year we provided more than 4,900 nights of safe, warm and comfortable sleep to the men in our Life Recovery Program.

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Meals Served Last Year

A warm meal nourishes the body, mind and soul. It can make all of the difference in the world. We serve hot, nutritious meals at various locations in the Victor Valley.

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Articles of Clothing

Over 18,000 articles of clothing were given to families in need through our special events and direct assistance program.



Boxes of Food

Needy families receive grocery assistance from our three pantry locations.

You can help us change lives for good.

Your donation supports people in need and helps them lead healthy, self-sufficient lives.

Lives Changed For Good.

Beloved volunteer retires after 15 years of service

Joyce shares her story to help others For the past 15 years, Joyce Rothschild faithfully came to the Mission to serve our guests. Joyce’s heart for serving our unsheltered neighbors and friends was joyfully obvious. Joyce distributed meals, hygiene kits, blankets, emergency clothing, bus passes, and more. She memorized our informational guide to better help…

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Phillip stops addiction cycle, graduates program

‘Alcohol kept intervening’ throughout his life Phillip was raised “European in America,” he said, as his French parents had immigrated and had him and his brother in the U.S. He was a “straight-A student, and a hard worker. That was the number-one emphasis in our family, was that you work hard. I took on too…

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Kenneth is sober, employed, and engaged, 7 years after graduation

Looking back on his childhood in Compton, Kenneth feels like he “raised himself.” His father was in the military and was often away, and his mother died when he was just 4 years old-a fact that was kept from him for years. “I didn’t know my mother passed away until I was 6. No one…

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