In Between a Rock and a Hard Prayer

Apr 20, 2017

Kenneth shares, “I was tired of being out there and nobody caring. I prayed to God and asked Him, ‘Why was I even born? Is this supposed to be happening to me? Am I just supposed to fall down all the time? Does the world even recognize me anymore? Am I ever going to get out of this rough spot?’” He was between a rock and a hard prayer. Kenneth states, “I prayed hard and my prayers got answered.”

It wasn’t always like that for Kenneth. His mother died when he was four; the youngest of several siblings. His father was an alcoholic and absent much of the time. Kenneth started drinking at age 13 and states his life was a “bumpy ride.”

Moving from job to job and couch to couch, Kenneth had enough. His despair drove him to prayer and prayer drove him to the mission. He states, “I prayed to God for help. My sister lived in Rialto and I had a friend out here in Victorville. Being from Los Angeles, I wanted to start out somewhere new and get a fresh start. I was tired and I was losing my hope. Someone gave me a booklet about agencies that helped people and I called one or two places before I reached the mission. The other places just said a prayer for me over the phone but didn’t help. When I called the mission, I talked to Chaplain John and told him I was 100% ready and that I wanted to change. When I got in the program at the mission, I was given a second chance and I was around people who really cared for me. They were seeking the same thing that I was seeking. They were teaching me how to find God, we were all seeking God. I’ve learned how to communicate with God and how to be patient. I’ve learned how to love others and how to treat people as I want to be treated. I talk to others about how there is a living God.”

The bumpy ride has subsided. Kenneth now enjoys keeping busy at the mission’s thrift store, learning the Bible, and fellowshipping with the other program men. He hopes to graduate and gain full-time employment as well as stable housing. Thank you for giving to the mission where hope is found in the midst of despair.


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