What I’m Supposed to be Doing

Apr 20, 2017

Kelly states, “I had been on disability and not working for a number of years and I was getting ‘antsy’ and needed to be doing something.”

“I was living with my daughter about four years ago, and we were friends with a gal named Susan who was involved with the mission at that time. My daughter saw her one day at church and said, ‘Susan, do you have anything my mom can do?’ Susan said, ‘Sure, send
her down to the mission and we’ll put her to work.’ And I went down there the very next day,” Kelly states. “I started in one of the rooms down at the old office. I started filling bags of beans and rice for people. I thought, ‘…well, I could do this’, then they sent me to the front office. I was trained on inputting guest’s information and how to check up on those already in the system.”

Sitting at a current mission food pantry outreach, she recalls, “There were two others who have come and gone, but I’m still sticking with it and I enjoy it. It makes me feel good. It has given me something to do. I’ve made friends with the people we serve. I feel for them and my heart goes out to them.”

Kelly continues, “The thing that has kept me going for four and a half years; the people. I enjoy the people I’ve gotten to know through the mission including the men that come through the program. I feel like this it is what I am supposed to be doing.”

By serving at the mission, this once restless mother now sensationally serves and is even passing on her love for people to her granddaughter. Won’t you consider how you can serve at the mission today?


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