Program graduate turns his life around, and stays to work at the mission

Mar 1, 2019

Timothy graduated from the mission’s Life Recovery Program in 2016. “I had a lot of growing up to do,” he said. “I used to be very all about me. And then God started chipping away at me. I started listening to the Lord. I read the bible, and once I finished, I knew it was true, and I knew I had to change.”

After Timothy’s graduation, he came on as an intern. “I ended up doing more driving than anything else,” said Timothy, who remembers fondly driving the program clients to their first campout at Point Mugu.

After his internship, Timothy left for about six months for a secular job, but the commute was brutal. He started volunteering to drive, and soon enough, he was working for the mission again, driving, as well as working at the thrift store. “I just focus on getting people place to place safely,” he said. “In the van, I also try to minister and share what I learned in my months in the program. I just try to be a good man of God and pass on the tools I learned.”

“God has revealed himself to me more and more,” Timothy added. “It’s awesome to be in a good place. I’m no longer a vagabond; I’m no longer impetuous in decisions. I pray, and I seek advice.”

The mission is special, said Timothy, chiefly because of the environment. “There’s love all over the place. It’s like an invitation to Jesus. It’s not crammed down your face. And (the house staff members) are real. What they say, they do, and what they do, they say. It’s the same at the office and the thrift store.”

“Through Christ all things are possible. That’s what I focus on. Sharing the good news, and reaching out and helping somebody.”


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