Bill’s Boots on the Ground – March 2019

Mar 1, 2019

We’ve had a nice winter with lots of rainfall here in the Victor Valley—us desert dwellers are not used to so much rain. It sure does make the area green and beautiful for a short minute. When I think of our guests in this sense, I am reminded of the kindness many show to them: it makes their day beautiful for a short minute, but it doesn’t last. What I mean is, they are in most cases left with the same issues they started the day with; no housing, no safety.

It is a relentless thing, to struggle with these repetitive issues of homelessness. That is why the Victor Valley Rescue Mission is committed to “Changing Lives for Good.” Our Life Recovery program is an amazing time of Refuge, Recovery & Restoration, equipping men with the water of life to have that beautiful moment that never withers away with the scorching sun. Our goal is restoration of body, mind, and spirit; you can often have a beautiful day, but how much better is the hope of a beautiful life in eternity.

If you would like to help by volunteering or donating, you can call the Mission at 760-955-5958. We have many opportunities available for you to serve those in need.


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