Dependence Day!

Sep 12, 2017

Growing up, Robert respected his parents. They were independent. They took care of business, especially his dad. He says, “During my childhood, I always had my mom and dad there for me. My parents were loving, but strict.” Desiring his own independence, Robert ventured out at age 19. “I left the house and eventually got married. I wanted to see if I could do things like my parents. I wanted to do things on my own,” he states.

“Independence never worked out. All those years I was out on my own, I thought I was doing well and I was actually doing badly. When I was married, I didn’t listen to my wife or anyone around me. I had a serious problem with drinking. I was being selfish. I had to go all the way to the bottom to realize how serious it was. I ended up homeless. I had never been homeless before and I was scared. This went on for two years. Finally I said, ‘God, I can’t do this on my own. I really need your help. I’ve got nowhere else to go.’ I knew I needed help and someone to guide me through.”

For Robert, that was dependence day! It was his declaration of dependence that led him to the mission. “I was religious before, but now I follow Christ. My plan is no longer up to me. It is up to God. Before, it was my way, but now I’m going His way,” Sober, focused, and strong, Robert wants to graduate and become an intern at the mission. He loves telling people his story and showing them how they can get help. Robert concludes, “God saved my life and He can save yours. What you do as donors is a gift from God. I receive it and say thank you. The way I’m thanking donors is by changing. I’m a different person than I was years ago.”


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