Life Flipping

Sep 12, 2017

Take a liability like an old house, fix it up, and turn it into an asset…it’s called “flipping.” Here at the mission, we flip lives and Jesus is a good example.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the illuminati and a higher power. So I researched it all and decided to sell my soul to the devil. I thought if he had me, then he wouldn’t take my kids. I started doing terrible things and praying to Satan. I started hanging out with the homeys more and not my kids. I was doing the devil’s work. I got kicked out of where I was staying and I went to my mother’s house. My mother didn’t want me to stay with her because I was doing drugs, I was a devil worshipper, and I was in a gang. She said that I could not stay there, but that I should come here to the mission’s program. She was tired of helping me and was giving me some tough love.

“When I first started the program, I was just going to better myself, get back to life, and still be a devil worshipper. I was just going to do my program and head on out, but God had bigger plans for me. A pastor talked to us about people who tell fortunes, use the stars, and do witchcraft. He said we had to turn away from all that stuff, because the devil was just using us. I realized, at that point, I was being misled and that I was doing all this evil stuff for no good reason. I ended up making a decision to follow Christ. From that moment forward I was praising the living God, and now I want to have people follow Him instead of the devil.”

A liability turned into an asset. A life flipped. Jesus states, “Now all the energy I used for the devil I want to use for God and more. Before, I brought people to the devil and now I want to bring people to Christ.” As far as the future goes, Jesus shares, “I’d like to start working and reconnect with my children and their mother. She is supporting me through this and has been going to church with me. She has even decided to follow Jesus as well.

“Thank you for your support. It has changed my life. No longer do I follow the wrong master. I follow the One, True, and Living God. Never give up hope. There is truth out there. God wants to work in everyone’s life,” concludes Jesus.


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