Bill’s Boots On The Ground – How Hot Is It?

Aug 6, 2019

I recently attended a national conference for rescue missions; it was in Palm Springs just over the mountains from Victorville in the “low desert.” I met a lot of people from all over the country doing the same work we do, and they were shocked and amazed at the temperatures (85 degrees) even as early as six in the morning.

When I told them about Victorville temperatures, most of the responses were “We will pray for your ministry!” In the middle of the summer, we are challenged finding cool places, even when we have the means to. Those individuals experiencing homelessness don’t have this option, as they struggle even in the evenings to find refuge from the heat. This contributes to lack of sleep and irritability for our guests, and even dehydration and heat stroke. The mission is able to provide some break from the extreme heat at our outreaches such as at our meals services, food pantries, and shower programs. Join us in prayer and support to help beat the heat for those without the ability to do it for themselves.


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