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Sean Rises Above His Pain, Dedicates His Time To Others


Sean has struggled with heartbreak in his life, but his solution to staying positive is to give his pain to God, and give back to the community.

Sean has been partially paralyzed on his left side since birth. He has a 17-year-old son who he hasn’t seen since he was 1. “His mother was sick with a drug problem,” Sean said. “And everyone acted like because I’m disabled, I can’t take care of a kid. My mom even said that. It really dragged me down.”

Sean’s son lives in Las Vegas with foster parents. “He has no idea about me,” Sean said. “I’ve just tried to give it to God.”
Sean, now 47, can’t work because of his disability, but he’s found the best way to battle his pain is to volunteer. “I’m just trying to stay positive, and be a good person,” he said. “I’ve been depressed. At some points in my life, I felt alone. Honestly, I felt ignored since I was 5.”

But Sean said God has helped him along the way. “He’s opened my eyes and helped me not feel so alone, that I’m not the only one who feels the way I feel sometimes. It made me just want to go and help others.”

Sean has lived in Victorville for seven years and was familiar with the mission. He has utilized some of the mission’s outreach services, and recently reached out to help in a volunteer capacity. He is now helping out in the office every day. “I just try to make people feel good when they come in,” Sean said. “I try to make them feel better, make them laugh, even if I’m feeling terrible. It’s what I like to do—talk to people.”

Jeremy George, the mission’s volunteer coordinator, said Sean has a special bond with guests. “Sean has lived among our community, so he has a very natural connection to the people he is serving,” Jeremy said. “He makes them feel truly comfortable and welcomed when they visit, and that is the atmosphere we strive for here.”

Sean said many in the community resist asking for assistance. “Whether people know it or not, or want to admit it or not, they need help,” Sean said. “People don’t want to ask, so I’m offering. I’m just trying to be the best person I can be to help people. That’s what I do every day.”

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