Like a Family

Jun 16, 2017

Thrift store employee, Martha, states, “It was August 2011 when I volunteered here. After a while I left to look for a job, but ended up coming back to volunteer again. I volunteered for two years total before the thrift store supervisor asked me to come and work for him.”

She continues, “I was hired as a sorter and have been working on the clothes mainly. My favorite thing is to sort through the clothes, it’s like shopping. There are so many interesting things to see. I like to price as well. You name it, I’m willing to do it all.”

In her previous job, Martha didn’t interact much with people at all, but at the thrift store she can’t get enough. She shares, “My favorite thing about working here at the thrift store is interacting with all the people. I get to interact with the customers, the volunteers, the program clients, and my co-workers. I like it. It is really nice to meet all sorts of people. Some customers know me by name and say hi to me as they enter. Many of our senior citizen customers will tell me their stories, and I like to listen to them. I’ve even had homeless people hug me. My co-workers and I have a lot of fun together. They joke around about how I am hyper and I tease them as well. It’s like a family.”

On that tender note, Martha says, “There was a lady who came to the store’s back entrance. She was crying and shivering cold. She said she needed a blanket, so
I gave her one. She was so thankful. She said, ‘Thank you very much,’ began to weep, and gave me a hug. Another homeless man came here and wanted a Bible. We gave him a Bible and he read it. He even read a passage to me. I’ve seen a lot…I’ve had a brother who was homeless. I understand and relate to it. In saying that, I like to encourage the program men not to give up as they work, but to keep going. I tell them, ‘I made it and you can too!’”


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