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Brandon Aims to Leave the Streets, Gangs, Drugs Behind for Good

At 32, Brandon has been on the streets for more than half of his life. He left his house for good at just 13. “My mom’s boyfriends used to beat

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Reuben Tries to Shed the Shame He Carries From His Addiction

Reuben remembers having his first drink when he was just 9 years old. “I was at a party—it was my dad and his friends. And someone handed me a beer,”

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Bill’s Boots on the Ground – October

Is your pantry full? Do you have room in your cupboard? Most of us have plenty to feed our families over the holidays. We are beginning to look forward to

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After Nearly Drinking Himself To Death, Matt Accepts Help

When Matt started drinking, he had no idea how seriously the alcohol would take hold of him. “For years I was just drinking for fun,” he said. “But then I

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Justin Yearns To Provide A Stable, Loving Home For His Daughter

Justin’s struggle with drugs started early, getting hooked on pain pills when he was just 16. At a party, a friend offered him a pill. “He just said, ‘It will

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Bill’s Boots on the Ground – September

What does a typical meal we serve to our guests look like? Let me tell you, it is a fantastic meal. Our volunteers prepare such great food. We have a

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‘Better together’: Over 1,000 backpacks given away at annual back-to-school outreach

(By Renee Ray De La Cruz/Daily Press)
Posted – July 26, 2018
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VICTORVILLE — The scorching heat could not melt away the smiles on the faces of hundreds of children

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Nathan Is Rebuilding His Life After Years Of Loneliness

Forgiveness and humility. Those are two virtues Nathan is holding close during his time at the mission. “All alcoholics try to find something to blame their problem on, and I

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After Crying Out For Help, Mark Receives It

Mark has been sober for 15 years. He conquered his addictions, attending AA meetings regularly, and attended church. Despite putting in hard work every day, he still found himself at

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Bill’s Boots On The Ground – August

When I was a kid I got stuck in the mud trying to cross a field near my house. The mud was over a foot deep and every step I

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