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Years After Graduation, Billy Keeps On Trucking

Billy was born in Ohio and moved to California when he was 6 months old, where he has lived ever since. Billy describes his upbringing as “kind of rocky. My

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Brian Will Be Home For Christmas

You might remember Brian. He spent his first Christmas at the mission last year. This Christmas, he has a job, a place to call home and a renewed purpose.
Brian’s story

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Bert tires of living on the streets, starts anew at the mission

Bert was born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, where he spent more than 20 years. But about 25 years ago, Bert’s mom relocated to the

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The Mission’s Annual Thanksgiving Banquet is Nov. 26

Thanksgiving is a time of appreciation for what we have and those we love. We often take for granted the comforts and ease of driving ourselves to the grocery store,

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Rescue Mission Honors its ‘Mosaic’ of Supporters at Anniversary Dinner in Apple Valley

Story and Photos By Rene Ray De La Cruz, Staff Writer
Posted Sep 27, 2019 at 4:42 PM
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The Victor Valley Rescue Mission honored its “mosaic” of

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Nathan remains connected nearly 1 year after graduation

After graduating from the mission’s recovery program years ago, Nathan thought he was prepared to reenter the world. But instead, he isolated himself, and feelings of loneliness reemerged. “I fell

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Harold knew the mission was ‘a blessing’ as soon as he entered

Harold had plenty of chances to get into trouble growing up, but his tight relationship with his mother always kept him in check. “When I almost didn’t graduate from high

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Backpack Giveaway Event A Success Yet Again

The sky was filled with thunder clouds and intermittent patches of blue, but Impact Church, site of the 10th Annual Backpack Giveaway, was filled with sunny faces and radiant smiles.

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Ray Gets His Health And Relationship With God Restored

Less than a year ago, Ray was wandering around Yucca Valley, awake for days and screaming at God. Now, he is stable, sober, and looking forward to the rest of

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Bill’s Boots On The Ground – Where Does My Help Come From?

The life lived in homelessness is one of struggle—but what does that mean? Simply, it is a constant pressure, like walking upstream against the current. Every step takes determination and

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