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Post-graduation, Landon reflects on mission’s ‘hope, light’

It’s been more than six months since Landon graduated from the mission’s Life Recovery Program, and despite all that’s going on in the world, Landon feels stable and content. At

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Five years after entering the mission, Raymond is a community leader

Raymond was born in Los Banos, and grew up in the projects with his mom and three sisters. “We were poor,” he said. “The neighborhood I grew up in was

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Jesse abandons dark, dangerous life for spiritual happiness

Even though Jesse’s dad walked out on him and his mother when he was just 8 months old, he still reflects on a happy childhood. “I had an awesome mom,”

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Years after graduation, Jared reflects on dark times

In 2011, Jared and his wife and young daughter were driving. His wife was pregnant with their son; he was due in three weeks. “There was a road rage incident,”

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Robert Battles Ptsd, Cancer, And Finds God In The Fight

Robert was against the Vietnam War, but after graduating from high school, he was drafted. And despite his feelings about it, there was never a moment that he considered making

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Where Will Their Help Come From?

The Lord has promised good to you! The old hymn says it all: “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.” The Lord saved me, saved

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Justin Leaves Unstable Life Behind, Looks Ahead To A Happy Future

Justin’s goals for his future aren’t elaborate. He wants stability. He wants a steady life free of surprises. He never wants to worry about having a roof over his head

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Tony Begins Recovery After Early Start With Drugs

Drugs took hold of Tony early. In middle school, he was already using and felt out of control. He asked for help from a teacher and entered a rehabilitation facility

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Joe Follows In His Little Brother’s Footsteps, Gets The Help He Needs

When Joe felt like he had nowhere to turn, he reached out to his younger brother, Bert. Bert was getting help with his addiction, and had a place to stay.

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Angel Overcomes Addiction, Finds True Happiness In God

At just 22, Angel has already experienced homelessness, addiction, and hunger. He became hooked on fentanyl quickly. He started stealing to support his habit, and ended up on the streets,

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