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Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel

Recovering from a heart attack and stroke, John wasn’t able to work. Being that his previous job was out of state, he wasn’t able to collect disability either. So John

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It’s the Atmosphere

“It’s the atmosphere!” thrift store employee Mike answered when asked. “What is your favorite part of working at the mission?” He continued, “The atmosphere is the most important part of

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Miraculous Recovery

“I shouldn’t be able to walk, talk, or see,” says Nathan. Several years ago, a tumor the size of a grapefruit was taken out of his skull. Immediately after the

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Handing Out Happiness

In order to graduate high school, mission volunteer Erika had to fulfill a certain amount of community service. While waiting until the last minute to complete the hours, she was

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Giving Hope, Getting Hope

Mission volunteer Sandra isn’t in the midst of an easy season in life. Dealing with chronic pain and fighting several government agencies for compensation due to workplace injuries, she is

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Known by our Loving Service

There is something powerful in a humble act of service; there is something soul reaching in being served. It is as if the heart of the servant and the one

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Humble Heros

At the mission I met new heroes. They always made the environment welcoming. During my time volunteering at the mission, I realized I could change someone’s life. In 2014, I

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Backpacks for Students

VICTORVILLE • A group of local organizations handed out 600 backpacks to K-12 students on Thursday in preparation for the upcoming academic year.
The group, which included Victor Valley Rescue Mission

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There’s no such thing as a little donor…or is there?

Saige is one of our newest friends at the rescue mission. At 6 years old, she may be one of the littlest donors we’ve ever had. Saige was encouraged by

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