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What’s that sound?

About three and a half years ago, I headed to South Dakota. I had outstanding warrants and other issues in Arizona, so I was trying to start over. I spent

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Confectionary Spirit

After a series of painful, heart-breaking losses, Lori found herself searching for an avenue to renew her purpose in life. A heart for others and a desire to give back

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Like a Family

Thrift store employee, Martha, states, “It was August 2011 when I volunteered here. After a while I left to look for a job, but ended up coming back to volunteer

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A Place of Peace

Jared recalls, “In 2012, my wife and I divorced and that is where I just let go. It really wrecked my world. I got depressed and stopped going to work.

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In Between a Rock and a Hard Prayer

Kenneth shares, “I was tired of being out there and nobody caring. I prayed to God and asked Him, ‘Why was I even born? Is this supposed to be happening

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What I’m Supposed to be Doing

Kelly states, “I had been on disability and not working for a number of years and I was getting ‘antsy’ and needed to be doing something.”
“I was living with my

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Vengeance Isn’t Mine

“I found out who they were and went to sit outside their trailer and kill them. That is when God got a hold of me and I knew I needed

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A Match Made in Heaven

Victor Valley Rescue Mission and Burning Bush Church have entered into a win-win partnership. One might even say it is a match made in Heaven. The joint effort, food service

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Conflict Resolution

Juan recalls, “There was a lot of conflict in my home growing up. There was a lot of yelling and fighting. I made the decision to never be like them. Seeing

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A Mission With a Vision

The future is not a promised thing for us; we have only one opportunity. It happens every time we wake up in the morning. This is the next 24 hours

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