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10 Years Later, Sammy Reflects On Time At The Mission

After his first tour in Iraq, Sammy struggled. “When I came home, that’s when I really started falling,” he said. “I started doing drugs, and became addicted to meth. Even after I failed a urinalysis, the Marine Corps kept me, and I went on another tour to Iraq. They kicked me out after I got […]

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Nine Years After Graduation, Matt Has A Whole New Life

When Matt reflects on the man he once was, he has trouble explaining what a 180 he’s made. “If you weren’t in that world, it may be hard to see how far I’ve come, and what a difference it is, looking at me now,” Matt said. “What I used to be … I’m a different […]

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Justin Yearns To Provide A Stable, Loving Home For His Daughter

Justin’s struggle with drugs started early, getting hooked on pain pills when he was just 16. At a party, a friend offered him a pill. “He just said, ‘It will make you feel good.’ That’s all it took.” Justin finished high school and met a girl who he married at 21. “She got hooked on […]

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Vengeance Isn’t Mine

“I found out who they were and went to sit outside their trailer and kill them. That is when God got a hold of me and I knew I needed to get away from it all,” recalls Raymond. Raymond had been a drug dealer for as long as he could remember. He taught his sisters […]

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Conflict Resolution

Juan recalls, “There was a lot of conflict in my home growing up. There was a lot of yelling and fighting. I made the decision to never be like them. Seeing how the conflict tore the family apart, I never wanted to be a part of it. I couldn’t live like that anymore, I remember I […]

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A Mission With a Vision

The future is not a promised thing for us; we have only one opportunity. It happens every time we wake up in the morning. This is the next 24 hours of our life here on earth, where we can make a difference in the lives of those around us. Our opportunity to do ministry here […]

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Finding Hope

“I’ve been at the mission ten months and the biggest change is finding hope,” says Timothy. “Before, I was disconnected. I had a rough childhood. I went through a bitter break up and a custody battle that left me homeless. I spent my last dime on a lawyer. I lost my son. I was living […]

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