Bill’s boots on the ground

Jun 29, 2020

Now with so many folks out of work, and more people struggling to make ends meet, your donations help the mission serve not just the homeless, but those who don’t have the means to get everything they need. Our food pantry numbers have more than doubled at our outreaches in the last 90 days during the COVID pandemic. The mission provides families with enough food for three meals for three days.

We have also increased our daily meals to the local community, we serve coffee and pastries and fruit in the mornings, and for the afternoon meal we are handing out bagged lunches. Many more people need help, and your donations do just that. The guests who we are serving are so grateful for this, as at the beginning of the pandemic, several of the service agencies closed, leaving a big gap in resources. The good news is that they are all slowly opening back up.

The single mother of three children, or the senior couple next door on a fixed income could be just $10-$20 each month from being homeless. That weight is so heavy, and it causes stress for those experiencing this struggle. So many people have stepped up and donated; several local restaurants and food suppliers gave, and other generous donors gave items like masks for our guests, and hygiene items that are so desperately needed. Thank you for being a part of the solution—it means more than you could know, and it is truly life-giving.

Jesus knew the cost. He engaged with people, and spoke to them about scriptures, and I can only imagine that he smiled a whole lot, full of love and compassion. The gospel of Jesus is so needed in our communities. Along with food, our hurting neighbors are also greeted with a “God bless you” and a “How can we pray for you?” and a big smile letting them know we see them. We at the Victor Valley Rescue Mission get to serve others in Jesus’ name, and we get to do this because you are generous. May you be blessed by the stories of lives changed.

Bill Edwards

If you would like to help by volunteering or donating, you can call the Mission at 760-955-5958. We have many opportunities available for you to serve those in need.


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