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The Redeemer

A “redeemer” is defined as “a person who redeems someone or something.” To redeem can have many meanings, but the ones we focus on here are “to set free” or “to restore the honor, worth or reputation of” or, perhaps most importantly, “to save, a person or soul, from a state of sinfulness and its consequences.”

The Mission is in the business of redemption. Our guests have been through so many things in their lives—some self-inflicted—all to forget the trauma they have endured in their lives.

There are many stories of redeemers in the Bible, and all of them point to Jesus. He is our Redeemer. We engage our guests right where they are, no matter what the circumstances. I have spoken with many them at the Mission over the past weeks, and many are facing money issues, food insecurity and evictions as the pandemic orders are ending. All of these guests share the need for redemption, for someone to come alongside them and help them.

The Mission has the God-given resources and connections in the community to help them, and at the same time point them to Jesus, the true Redeemer! We can only offer these things because of the generosity of our donors. Each and every dollar that is given allows us to offer them the help they so desperately need. Now, they are not always ready to receive this help, but our prayers along with yours are heard by God, and we trust in Him to bring them to a place of understanding.

I am honored to be a part of this ministry. It is the most amazing work I have ever been involved in: helping others and truly serving them in their time of need.

Blessings, Bill Edwards Mission director

If you would like to help by volunteering or donating, you can call the Mission at 760-955-5958. We have many opportunities available for you to serve those in need.

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