Bill’s Boots On The Ground – July

Jun 26, 2018

Have you ever been lost? Maybe while camping or hiking? I’m talking about really lost, with no sense of where you are or how to get back to safety. It can be very frightening.

Experiencing homelessness is similar in that it can be confusing and dangerous, and the way back to self-sufficiency is not clear. There are so many obstacles, like access to food, water, and resources. The rescue mission is like a compass pointing true north, a fixed point, where we begin the process of helping connect those in need to the right resources. When they are ready there are several available.

We start with our life recovery program, but it is not right for everyone; in that case, we try to find the program that will best meet their needs. I am truly humbled by how many of our guests endure this process—this is not an easy thing to accomplish. Our many partners and agencies doing good work are stretched so thin that many times the average time for someone to be placed in housing is three to six months. And there are so many obstacles to maneuver!

Our work allows us to meet those experiencing homelessness where they are, and it is your gifts that help us to be there when they are ready to find safety. Thank you for helping them find their way back. May God bless you!
Bill Edwards, Director


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