Bill Boots on the Ground

God's love for you

The way God shows His love for those who are so broken and lost is truly amazing! When you work in homeless services for any length of time, you get to see God show up and meet the needs of His people. I have had that wonderful experience for the last 14 years and let me tell you, I could write a book of testimonies! I would like to tell you of a particular time God showed up in the life of a man named Larry.

Larry was a customer at the Rescue Mission Alliance Victor Valley Super Thrift Store. He was a retired, elderly gentleman who loved to visit the store several times a week. We would discuss many things: sports, cars, family, and faith—belief in God would always come up. Larry was not a believer in God, and spoke about people who were as “those Christians and their Bible-thumpin’ ways.”

I took many of those opportunities to speak about God’s love for him and for others we served, all testifying to the miracle workings of God. Larry disappeared for a while and I thought about him and wondering where he was. Then one day he was in the store shopping. He looked good but there was something different about him. We began to catch up, and Larry told me that he had had a heart attack and almost died. He was just finishing with his story when he stopped, looked me in the eyes and said, “I am a Christian now.” I could not stop smiling as we began to talk about our favorite passages of the Bible.

Larry’s story is just one of many that God has let me be just the smallest part of. I am so grateful for all that God does, showing His love to others everyday here at the Rescue Mission Alliance Victor Valley. Thank you to all of you who pray, donate, volunteer, and encourage others to help the Mission. May the love of Jesus be ever present and full in your lives.

Bill Edwards
Mission Director

If you would like to help by volunteering or donating, you can call the Mission at 760-955-5958. We have many opportunities available for you to serve those in need.