Bill Boots on the Ground

Are you ready for change?

How do you answer this question? My friends from the streets of the Victor Valley answer this question the same way many of us do. They say, “I don’t like change.” They live a life making decisions just like us, but most of theirs are ones of survival. When they wake up, they are faced with questions like: ‘Where will I find something to eat today? Will it be something from a dumpster? A half-eaten item someone discarded?’ Or, ‘Where will I find some clean clothes, a shower, and a restroom?’ I know I have taken these things for granted and I work with these folks on a daily basis.

We meet, develop, and invest in relationships with many of our homeless in and around the Victor Valley, and ask them “Are you ready for a change?” More often than not, you think the answer would be ‘yes.’ But they have to be ready for what is being offered. Change for us who have all of our basic needs met can still be difficult and scary at times. When someone’s life is all about survival mode, looking into the future becomes a more difficult task.

This is where the work of the Mission becomes so important. We have the resources ready to meet that need the moment they want change. It can be the moment that precious life is saved both physically and spiritually. When they say “Yes, I am ready,” it is an amazing moment. In that moment fear is replaced with safety, despair with hope, chaos with peace, addiction with recovery, and death with LIFE! What a beautiful moment. We get to see this happen through the work of the Mission often, and I know it is the reason many of you give to us, so we can do this work.

We are grateful and thank God for putting us on the hearts and minds of our community to support the work of the Mission. Thank you for your prayers and continued support for the Victor Valley Rescue Mission. We will continue to ask “Are you ready for a change?” to our neighbors in need every day.

Bill Edwards
Mission Director

If you would like to help by volunteering or donating, you can call the Mission at 760-955-5958. We have many opportunities available for you to serve those in need.